Jan 19, 2010

Sunsets are so pretty sometimes

... just sometimes lol

well, here's my come back video!

love you


Miss Vendella said...

yay a new videooo!! :) we missed you hun :)



jessalyn said...

i can't watch the vid yet (boo work) but i can't wait. yours were the first makeup tutorials i ever discovered, and you got me hooked on a whole world i didn't know existed until then!
i am so glad to see you back! :)

Alyssa Haddad said...

i totally agree with jessalyn! i discovered your videos first and it got me hooked on all the tutorials provided on youtube! i loved the new video, you look stunning, you won't believe how happy i was to click on subscriptions and see a recent video post from you!

so i've never requested a look, but do you think you could do a foundation and eyebrow tutorial? i noticed you put your foundation on after you do your eyes? oh and your eyebrows are perfection! thanks!

Tazreen said...

What number faux lashes are you wearing from MAC?