Jan 21, 2010

REVIEW: Hard Candy

So as I walk through the cosmetic aisles of Walmart, this brand called Hard Candy caught my eye. I have never heard of it or seen it so I decided to try at least something out from the line.

I grabbed the concealer palette because I’m a concealer nut and it had so many choices in the palette for $6. Too bad it sucked. It was too creamy and it felt like lotion with some little color. I was very disappointed in the brand but I only tried one product they offer. If you have any suggestions I’ll try them out and maybe it’s my new favorite brand.

Any who, here’s the video:

I will see you guys soon!
Vanes <3


Beautymarxed said...

so glad your back on youtube and blogging!! u look gorgeous

MarkeeCoco said...

I was reading about this brand in my Economics book today. I've never tried anything from it but i've been wanting to check it out at Walmart.

Tazreen said...

I dont think you can find this product in Canada. :(