Jan 2, 2010

old brush, new use!

now 2009 was an ok year for me. i met the most amazing man ever and i transferred to a Cal State but the rest of the year sucked. you can read about it in an older post if youd like to hear more. lets hope this new year is AMAZING. i hope for this year to bring us all health, happiness and a boom in the economy lol.

ok now that we got the new years cheer out of the way :P time to get down to some bloggin today.

well, for new years eve i was able to freelance again. OH HOW IVE MISSED FREELANCING! lol. first off i met up with my beautiful cousin annjanett and did a soft tan smokey eye. she has small eye space and doesnt wear makeup often so i didnt want to over power her beautiful green eyes. after i finished up with annjanett, i drove to my next appointment. my beautiful friend mayra!

mayra has my favorite lid space and eye shape. she isnt afraid of color and heavy smokey eyes. her dress was all black with a zipper, umm can you say SILVER AND BLACK. we went dark on her eyes for that super dramatic eye and to finish it off i gave her that "bro hoe" look. smokey eye with soft pink lips lol.


when i applied her lipstick i didnt use a lip brush. I HATE LIP BRUSHES WITH A PASSION! theyre always gunky and sticky and just nasty. the only time i wish i had a lip brush is when i use red lipstick but come on, when the heck do i use red lipstick? lol almost never, duh!

so i grabbed my synthetic concealer shading brush from coastal scents (http://www.coastalscents.com/cfwebstore/index.cfm/product/1490_37/synthetic-concealer-shading-brush.cfm). ive had this brush for about a year now and never really used it. its bigger than the 239 and it worked PERFECT for applying lipstick and lip gloss. the brush held color great and applied the products perfectly. and to wash it, it was a sinch. i just used some dawn dish soap and it was clean as a whistle in a few seconds.

heres what it looks like and its $4.39

ok so i just wanted to let you guys know my new discovery and maybe itll be useful for you guys :)



Dye-A-Graham said...

You have to show us some pictures, girly-I'm sure the ladies looked lovely. This year is going to be a wonderful year for you, full of prosperity and love...woo woo!!

Tazreen said...

Can you pretty much use a synthetic brush for anything? That is soo cool if you can! :D