Jun 20, 2009

*update 2*

hey hey hey

how are all my beautiful subbies? i have missed you guys so much. i have been insanely busy with so many things in life i have neglected everything i get joy from, which includes you guys. i used to play with my makeup at least 5 times a week, now i just let it sit in my drawers. i used to take trips to mac to buy up anything and everything that caught my eye, now i just go in to get the necessities like concealer and powder lol. i used to make cards all the time for hours at a time. now, i just let all my crafts sit on my desk collecting dust.

youtube used to be on the very top of my priority list when i would get free time. now its been moved to the bottom of the list with all my other hobbies because i need to catch up on my sleep. unfortunately, i have been working non-stop around the clock just to pay for all my stuff.

aside for all my regular bills i have monthly; i am in the process of eliminating the little debt i have in the next two months all while saving up for school next semester. life sucks being an adult, (lol)but thats just how life is.

well, my loves... i must get going. i have work in a little. i need to get ready for that. BLAH.

see you soon, i hope.

for everyone messaging and commenting on youtube, yes i work at victorias secret lol. theyve been sucking up a lot of my time so dont shop there.... haha im kidding, they have cute stuff.