Aug 29, 2009

so, a couple years ago, i was on Queen Of Blendings myspace. (if you have no idea who she is, youtube her. SHE IS AMAZING!!!) ok back to the post lol. so she mentioned buying her business cards from vistaprint and how they are usually free. i didnt believe it at first but i signed up for their newsletters and little did i know my email was bombarded with FREE offers on so many things within a few days. i was so estatic to finally order some business cards for my Freelancing gig i would do. it just made me look more professional and it was also helpful in my MAC PRO card application.

WWW.VISTAPRINT.COM is honestly, a great site for starting up your business. its cheap or free. shipping is ok but at least youre getting a good deal on your purchase.

i must say one thing about the site though, when you put your order through THAT'S IT!! there's no changing it. it happened to me once lol i hope it never happens again.

well, i just put in another great order and here's a screen shot of my purchase. i got 250 business cards, 10 letter heads, 1 pen, 100 post cards, 1 note pad, and 140 return labels! i only really had to pay for the back side of my business card so that was $12.99. with shipping and the backside of my business cards it came out to.........



i'm telling you this site is amazing! i have a widget on the top left of this blog. click it and go to the vistaprint site.

Aug 22, 2009

Stila For Sale

hey every one
so, here are a few things i need to get rid of to make space in my makeup drawers. i only accept paypal. shipping will be for US only. out of the states, email me and we can wok something out.

this is a Stila sun spf 15 bronzing powder in Shade 02. it is the most universal shade. it gives a great glow to the skin. i have 2 of them and im selling them for $12.00 with shipping (US only)


this is the great soft shimmer plumping lipglaze in citrus mint. i have 3 of them. $10.00 with shipping each. (US ONLY)


50 spf!!!! yes 50! lol. great stuff. $10.00 with US shipping. i have 2 so let me know if youre interested.


Aug 21, 2009

my new brushes <3

so i went a little crazy at the tiffanys store and mac. i decided to get some new brushes i had been eyeing for long time. i said to myself, school is starting soon and i just paid $600 in tickets so fuck it... im gonna splurge in MAC. glad i did lol.

so, well.... this brush isnt a necessity but its a nice bursh. i do like how it glides so nicely over my lid. making the angled eyeliner look is an easy breeze as well. for almost $20 bucks, its not a must have brush, but im still happy with the purchase lol.


THIS IS A MUST!!!! its perfect for paint pots and creamy products. its goes on like a dream and i cant believe how in love i was when i used it. its magical! $27 is a bit pricey but it is very, very well worth it.


ahhhh, the pencil brush.... ive used it a few times. mainly under my bottom lash line. its alright so far. im sure ill figure out a way to fall in love with it. just give me time :)


THE BEST BLUSH BRUSH I HAVE EVER USED!!!! HANDS DOWN! AMAZING! well worth the $34 something. i looooooooove this brush. its, just the shit lol.

last but not least, the 136... i couldn't find a picture online and my camera has been misplaced. its great for soft applications of powders. its a paddle brush so it took a couple times to get use to. its about $50 something bucks. worth every penny. lol.

ok so that was my shopping spree i had the other day. thought id let u guys know what ive been loving and not so loving yet. love u all. talk to you soon. :)

NEW The Colossal Volum' Express® Mascara


hmm, i couldn't help myself from checking out a new mascara since i always need a new tube. i am a huge mascara skank lol. i can never get enough. anyways, after watching the commercials, i finally decided to pick up a tube.

i was pleasantly surprised at first. did clump a little after apply it 3 times or more. no real big problem to me. then through out the day, HELL. lol. not only would i find little bits of mascara on my face and cheek bones every one would tell me about them magically appearing. lol.

its an OK mascara, it doesn't run if you randomly are thrown in a pool but those mascara flakes left on my face were just killing me.