Aug 21, 2009

my new brushes <3

so i went a little crazy at the tiffanys store and mac. i decided to get some new brushes i had been eyeing for long time. i said to myself, school is starting soon and i just paid $600 in tickets so fuck it... im gonna splurge in MAC. glad i did lol.

so, well.... this brush isnt a necessity but its a nice bursh. i do like how it glides so nicely over my lid. making the angled eyeliner look is an easy breeze as well. for almost $20 bucks, its not a must have brush, but im still happy with the purchase lol.


THIS IS A MUST!!!! its perfect for paint pots and creamy products. its goes on like a dream and i cant believe how in love i was when i used it. its magical! $27 is a bit pricey but it is very, very well worth it.


ahhhh, the pencil brush.... ive used it a few times. mainly under my bottom lash line. its alright so far. im sure ill figure out a way to fall in love with it. just give me time :)


THE BEST BLUSH BRUSH I HAVE EVER USED!!!! HANDS DOWN! AMAZING! well worth the $34 something. i looooooooove this brush. its, just the shit lol.

last but not least, the 136... i couldn't find a picture online and my camera has been misplaced. its great for soft applications of powders. its a paddle brush so it took a couple times to get use to. its about $50 something bucks. worth every penny. lol.

ok so that was my shopping spree i had the other day. thought id let u guys know what ive been loving and not so loving yet. love u all. talk to you soon. :)


Marce said...

Nice brush haul! I don't have any of them, LOL. Instead of the 219 I got the 214, which doesn't look alike but works great...I can't tell if the blush brush is the 129 or 116, I have the 129 and it's so soft and amazing!