Aug 21, 2009

NEW The Colossal Volum' Express® Mascara


hmm, i couldn't help myself from checking out a new mascara since i always need a new tube. i am a huge mascara skank lol. i can never get enough. anyways, after watching the commercials, i finally decided to pick up a tube.

i was pleasantly surprised at first. did clump a little after apply it 3 times or more. no real big problem to me. then through out the day, HELL. lol. not only would i find little bits of mascara on my face and cheek bones every one would tell me about them magically appearing. lol.

its an OK mascara, it doesn't run if you randomly are thrown in a pool but those mascara flakes left on my face were just killing me.


Lana said...

I tried that mascara & HATED it.. urgh.. it was a clumpy mess & smelled like rotten roses. Nice try Maybelline, but you will never be like Diorshow.

RicoLovesMAC said...

lol lana, you said it better than me.