Mar 4, 2010

WINNER of Blog Candy #001

hey guys,
the winner of this months blog candy is ,
Miss Jessica T

congrats girlie... i will email you shortly.

see you guys soon.. i have class tonight so i need to read up on some chapters.
love you,

Feb 27, 2010


Hey guys!
So, I just want to make this quick.
I still have Stila brushes and I’m still selling them. click here to see them BUT I wanted to hold a small blog candy giveaway! I want to have small giveaways randomly just on my blog. So if you frequent my blog and comment from time to time, you might see there are some goodies up for grabs.

What's up for grabs?
This month I will be giving away a #2 and #5 brush. The #2 brush is perfect for applying under eye makeup. It can be used to apply concealer flawlessly or a very soft smoky blend of colors under the bottom lashes. The #5 brush is a wide paddle brush, think of MAC 239 but wider and a little thicker. The brush is great for applying your lid color and highlight color.

How to enter:
1.obviously follow this blog
2.comment this post with your name and email may only enter once so no spamming on this giveaway

when will the giveaway end:
The blog candy will be open from right now (Saturday Feb. 27) and close next Wednesday (March 3rd) at 11:59pm PST!

Good luck to everyone!
Here’s my latest video that I have not posted anything on yet… ugh, I need to post that asap lol.

Love you,

Feb 19, 2010

WINNER of Sigma Makeup Brush GIVEAWAY

I wanted to personally thank each and every one of you guys who entered. I t really means a lot to me that u took your time to enter this great giveaway and follow me on here. My blog is just starting out but I want you guys to b e right there with me to help me improve it...

As you all know I just held a sigma makeup brush giveaway. There were over 70,000 comments! Woah! That’s a lot of time you guys spent at your computer commenting in hopes of winning. I know there were some people that said it was unfair to comment more than once but honestly, I knew people were going to do it anyways. For those that felt this giveaway was unfair, the next one will be a single entry giveaway. My giveaways will not always be the same; they will change up from time to time so always read the directions.

Well, with the help of the winner was chosen this afternoon. I have emailed the winner and she should be responding very shortly. If I hear no response from her in 5 days another winner will be chosen.

the winner is:

Let’s congratulate her on winning. I know you girls spent long periods of time in front of your computer entering but maybe you’ll win in the next giveaway. This isn’t the last giveaway I will be holding, there will be many more. The next one is either a giveaway or a giveaway. Either one that I review first will sponsor it.

Ok well babes, I’m outta here! Time to finally roll out of bed and post a short video on YouTube about the winners :)

Love you

Feb 11, 2010


Finally, I was able to review the amazing sigma makeup brushes I received a couple weeks ago…

They are simply incredible. The quality of these brushes is just out of this world. We all know how great MAC brushes are but we also know how pricey they are as well. I myself do not have all the MAC brushes but I have a few. They are great quality and get the job done right.

Now, these sigma brushes you’ve heard of from many gurus on YouTube are either comparable to MAC or better. Yes, I said better! I know, I know you can’t believe some one said that but to be 100% truthful, sigma has really made great brushes at an affordable price. They’re not dirt cheap but when you buy the brush kits, they end up cost fairly cheap per brush.

Ok ok ok… I know why you’re here; it’s for the giveaway lol. Ok got it! Here we go again, yayy!!!!

To enter :

♥ you must follow my blog

(Make sure your public profile on blogger says you follow my blog)

♥ Write your name

♥ Write “I would LOVE to try out Sigma Makeup brushes!”

♥ and your email, please

Enter as many times as you want. The more you enter the better your chances are to win.

What’s at stake?
You will receive 12 professional quality brushes for a complete makeover! Everything you need to apply makeup to eyes and face.
A value of $89 is yours if you’re randomly chosen.

love you,

Feb 10, 2010

Double Rainbow!

Hey guys,
So as I battled through 5 hours of traffic yesterday (-_-) in the pouring rain, my wonderful boyfriend and I saw this beautiful sight! I have never seen 2 rainbows in my entire life. We drove all over the world and back yesterday and we were finally in Downtown LA. The pouring rain was finally easing up and the clouds finally drifted away, the sun started to shine bright. My beautiful LA sky started to turn back to its gorgeous blue color. Once I saw that, all was well in the hood (literally lol).

Any who, I just wanted to share the pretty rainbows I saw!

I filmed a sigma makeup brush review today so I shall edit that tonight and hope to post it right after. I can’t tell you enough how much I love the brushes. They are honestly comparable or even better than MAC! The quality of the brushes is just unbelievable. They are worth every penny and more some. I highly recommend them!

Hmm, while I am sharing about an upcoming video I might as well post what’s coming up soon now that my camera is fixed. *woohoo*

Up coming videos in no order:
♥ sigma makeup brush review/giveaway
♥ sigma makeup makeup review/tutorial
♥ Valentines Day look (I might be too late lol)
♥ konad nail stamp
♥ collective haul for jan/feb

Well guys, I will be posting the giveaway rules in a little…
Love you,

Feb 7, 2010

Still waiting for my camera

Hey guys,

I'm still waiting for my camera to be fixed. Hopefully it is ready by the 9th like they said. Ughhh I hate waiting for repairs. They seem like they take forever.

Anywho, I just wanted to tell you guys that soon there will be a fun small surprise if u frequent my blog and are in the US. It's known as blog candy.

K I guess I'll roll out of bed now. Yeah, I'm still in bed. It's one of those days. Yay for laaaazy Sundays!

Love ya,

Feb 5, 2010

GIVEAWAY: Winners for UNII palette

Hi guys
Ok well first off I would love to tell you how happy and thankful I am for having so many of you guys enter the giveaway here on my blog. I want to make this blog more productive. I want to post pictures and post more about beauty related topics. I want this to be a place where you guys enjoy visiting.

Unfortunately my camera broke a week ago and is being fixed. They said by the 9th it should be ready to pick up, but you never know with repair shops. They sometimes fix things fairly fast or take weeks to get around to it.

Anyway, let’s get down to business….. The winners of the giveaway!
I’ll list winners but not their complete email address.


Congrats to all the winners. If you noticed there are 6 winners. I accidentally chose 6 winners but the owner of UNII cosmetics was fine with the extra winner so yaaaaaay! Haha how awesome are they? I was worried there was going to be some kind of problem but UNII cosmetics really hooked it up! haha. They're a great company and I would suggest them over and over again.

Ok lovers I will see you with a Sigma brush review and another giveaway very soon!