Feb 10, 2010

Double Rainbow!

Hey guys,
So as I battled through 5 hours of traffic yesterday (-_-) in the pouring rain, my wonderful boyfriend and I saw this beautiful sight! I have never seen 2 rainbows in my entire life. We drove all over the world and back yesterday and we were finally in Downtown LA. The pouring rain was finally easing up and the clouds finally drifted away, the sun started to shine bright. My beautiful LA sky started to turn back to its gorgeous blue color. Once I saw that, all was well in the hood (literally lol).

Any who, I just wanted to share the pretty rainbows I saw!

I filmed a sigma makeup brush review today so I shall edit that tonight and hope to post it right after. I can’t tell you enough how much I love the brushes. They are honestly comparable or even better than MAC! The quality of the brushes is just unbelievable. They are worth every penny and more some. I highly recommend them!

Hmm, while I am sharing about an upcoming video I might as well post what’s coming up soon now that my camera is fixed. *woohoo*

Up coming videos in no order:
♥ sigma makeup brush review/giveaway
♥ sigma makeup makeup review/tutorial
♥ Valentines Day look (I might be too late lol)
♥ konad nail stamp
♥ collective haul for jan/feb

Well guys, I will be posting the giveaway rules in a little…
Love you,