Feb 5, 2010

GIVEAWAY: Winners for UNII palette

Hi guys
Ok well first off I would love to tell you how happy and thankful I am for having so many of you guys enter the giveaway here on my blog. I want to make this blog more productive. I want to post pictures and post more about beauty related topics. I want this to be a place where you guys enjoy visiting.

Unfortunately my camera broke a week ago and is being fixed. They said by the 9th it should be ready to pick up, but you never know with repair shops. They sometimes fix things fairly fast or take weeks to get around to it.

Anyway, let’s get down to business….. The winners of the giveaway!
I’ll list winners but not their complete email address.

• katazynak1109@.......com
• spooky923@........com
• cindylee91@.........com
• leo-adriiana@........com
• jessanixon@..........com
• jbilan89@......com

Congrats to all the winners. If you noticed there are 6 winners. I accidentally chose 6 winners but the owner of UNII cosmetics was fine with the extra winner so yaaaaaay! Haha how awesome are they? I was worried there was going to be some kind of problem but UNII cosmetics really hooked it up! haha. They're a great company and I would suggest them over and over again.

Ok lovers I will see you with a Sigma brush review and another giveaway very soon!



audrey said...

congrats to the lucky girls!! i am SO jealous! :P thanks for the giveaway vanessa!

MarkeeCoco said...

I posted several times a day & didn't win, just my luck, hah, but congrats to everyone who did!

Adreeanna said...

OMG congrats to everyone!!!!!

Also, that is so awesome there was an extra winner. I know a lot of us where commenting alot, some of us where doing it the whole day lol so. YAY!! for us hehe.
Thank you so much for the oportunity.


Raquel said...

Congrats everyone

Ms June Day said...

Congrats to the winners! Those palettes look so sleek!