Jan 13, 2010

i havent blogged in 11 days

umm, way to keep up with the blogging vanessa!
FAIL! lol

ok ok.. so ive been working hard for you guys lately. i want to come back with videos that you guys are gonna love and be excited to see new products. one way i know i can do that is by holding a give away. NOT a contest.

i want to make it easy for my viewers to actually get their hands on some free merch! WOO! lol so far, i have a company that will sponsor a cool contest with 5 winners. yay for more than 1 winner! i dont want to say what it is yet buttttt hey i like the prize and i know you will too :)

ok so a couple days ago i got in the mail some cool new palettes to review. theyre from a company called UNII Cosmetics (its pronounced like unique but no Q). i love these little palettes already. theyre pretty neat. i will be filming a video today after i get back home from looking for a new job. (wish me luck)



theyre cute and i already got my mom hooked on using it. :)

ooook my love bunnies, im gonna hit the sack.. see you tomorrow.
im kinda nervous about my first video. i dont want to just push products on you, i want u guys to see a new cosmetics brand and get some free stuff :) so please dont take it the wrong way. ive seriously been trying to hook YOU up. :)

k byeeee

ps nickelodeon puzzles with my little cousins are fun!


Miss Vendella said...

hey girl we are missing you on you tube. :)) kep up the blogging :))))