Jan 30, 2009

Keepin' it Sultry for Valentines

hey my loves!

where have i been??? makeup wise??? hmmm?

ive been around. not doing much with my makeup. the other night i came home from a taping of americas best dance crew (loved it by the way lol) and i said to myself, "I NEED A MAKEUP VIDEO ASAP!"
ive missed making them and i know you guys have also.

sooo, here is my latest look. the video is uploading now and ill link the video in a few hours when it finishes posting.

CLICK ON THE PICTURES TOO.... i noticed the middle one gets cut off on here, but if you click it you can see it perfectly fine. :)





bubblegarm said...

wow u look lovely, and ur images are so clear.. loving the pop of bright colour with neautral clothes.

Laura said...

You look gorgeous :) Can't wait for the new vid...

Your top is pretty too :)

x x x

We Love your makeup! said...

please can you make a video on how you do ur foundation an then onto eyeliner?? and post pics kuz they are so clearr?
please do try your so helful!!