Feb 4, 2009

New Love

heyyyyy there.

the other day i got a wonderful package in the mail. i finally got my hands on some coastalscents.com palettes and i must say i am in love.

i always say people on youtube and different blogs raving about the color pay off. so i figured, for $20 something dollars, i would have every single color and my videos will have products that a lot of my subscribers/viewers own or can easily purchase since mac can add up quickly.

i got the blush palette (http://www.coastalscents.com/cfwebstore/index.cfm/product/1665_122/10-piece-professional-blush-palette.cfm)

the 88 palette (http://www.coastalscents.com/cfwebstore/index.cfm/product/1677_122/88-piece-makeup-palette.cfm)

and some wonderful brushes. i got 3 badger brushes which i adore and 3 synthetic brushes.

click the pictures so see them bigger and in their entirety. :)


the color pay off is insane. you can see on my finger.

well, i hope everyone is doing great. i got a really bad head cold so my videos have been put on hold. i have to do a voice over video but i cant stop coughing so we'll see how it goes. haha. miss you guys!


ClassyDea66 said...

WOW they really are pigmentedd!!! did you get the matte palette or the simmer palette?
because in the site there's the super shimmery one which is wayyy to glittery!!!

LOVEpink said...

yay! i'm super excited to see the looks you come up with using the 88 palette! can you maybe do an everyday neutral look?? <3333

Nazra said...

I have the 88 palette... It's good, but I think it starts to fade after a few hours, even with a primer on.

Nazra said...

I have the 88 palette... It's good, but I think it starts to fade after a few hours, even with a primer on.

Tigress or Tame? said...

I love my 88 palette! The badger brushes were sold out when i ordered =(

Tigress or Tame? said...

My blush palette is coming any day, it was on sale for $13 for Vday!

Jennifer said...

i love the 88 palette, i can get my hands on almost any color with that palette! but i've been really looking into buying that blush palette, let me know how it works for you :)

Kim said...

i love the coastal scents palettes, but i must say, their brushes are not all that.. i shud know.. after all the hype about how wonderful they are on youtube and how comparable they are with MAC brushes, i went out and bought myself like 20!! the big fluffy badger brush is really rough and their eyeshadow brushes do not pick up a lot of color at all!! i also have the contour/ blush synthetic brush that u have.. it is too soft to place color and doesn't keep it's shape after u wash it.. idk if it's just me? can u do some tutorials on youtube where u use the brushes so i can get an idea if my brushes just suck?! I'd appreciate that. thanks!

Anonymous said...

the blush and eye shadow palettes are great! good choices.. but if ur thinking about getting the contour palette..DONT DONT DONT! the contour color for some reason streaks.. like if u swipe ur brush across, it streaks even on the color itself.. it's weird cuz it's like powder but kinda not? i don't know if i'm making sense, but yea..