Apr 5, 2009


hey there
it has been way too long since ive updated this so i thought now is the time to share what ive been up to.

as we all know, the economy is in the shits and finding a job is harder than ever. i have picked up on the nanny job again, but since im not making nearly as much as i used to i found a second job. its my first REAL job ever. lol. by real i mean, clocking in and out kind of a job hahaha. i work at the local victoria secret. thankfully being able to speak spanish and my knowledge with makeup i was hired for the beauty section. i couldnt be more ecstatic to have another job. i finally completed my training and i noticed i rather work the register since its at a faster pace but makeup is still dear to my heart and i can sell that stuff like candy. haha.

well, loves, im about to have some good cuban style family lunch. love you and miss you!



•·.·SweetLisi·.·• said...

thanks for the update hun. good luck at VS =) that place is like my second home. just know we miss ya ... =) <33333

RicoLovesMAC said...

thankies... i miss you all too.

Alina said...

I am glad to hear all is well with you *_* I wish you best of luck at your new JOb ;)