Apr 5, 2009

Review Of Sculpt and Shape

plain and simple, im not a fan of the sculpt and shade foundation. keep reading to see why.


well, a couple of months ago i tried the new gel like foundation formula from MAC.

at first, i fell in love with the packaging. i rather have a squeeze tube than a glass jar like the studio fix fluid since i can really get every last bit of product. no product is wasted in a squeeze tube.

i asked a MUA (makeup artist) to match me for the right foundation. once again i wasnt matched right. i told her i needed a lighter shade but she insisted on me getting the shade she chose. she said it looks lighter in natural light (bull shit!). whatever, i bought it and saw how dark it was. either way i wore it and put it on my neck to kinda match hahaha just to see if i loved the new foundation or not.

WORD TO THE WISE: this new formula is a shade or two darker than all the other foundations MAC sells. so if youre a NC 40 in studio fix fluid, youre in the high NC 30s.

i noticed i just needed a dime size to cover my face since its such a heavy coverage. i like heavy coverage but not for everyday. it truly felt like a pound of grease was on my face.

i wasnt sold on the product and returned it after trying to fall in love with it for a couple weeks. no luck. i know many people who just adore this new formula of foundation but i just couldnt live with it.

i hope all is well with all of you!


Karen said...

i FEEL you on this; the same expect thing happend to me!

have you tried any bronzers?

RicoLovesMAC said...

i like my stila bronzer. its perfect for me.