Jan 12, 2009


so i headed over to mac the other day and i couldnt help but buy a couple things.
i purchased the 226 brush ITS DELICIOUS lol. i truly love this brush on people who have smaller eye space and i need to blend their eyeshadow.


so delish i can eat it. kidding. i also got the mineralized skin finish from the redhead collection. talk about being in love.

ill be going back for the the other 2 brushes (#165 and the #214) since my aunt gave me a mac gift card. gotta love those aunts lol.

the #165 brush is AMAZING for highlighting. i cant wait to get my little MAC loving fingers on it. lol. as for the small smudger brush (#214), im not that excited about it. i noticed i would draw a line of pencil eyeliner, then use the brush and it would smudge the eyeliner ok, but take away a lot of the color. i hope i can find a good reason to use it. lol. i think ill pass on buying it for now since it will become permanent at MAC stores.

wow, side note! specktra.net's site is SO MUCH BETTER NOW! i love the new layout. its so much easier to navigate.

all images taken from http://www.specktra.net/forum/f250/mac-brunette-blonde-redhead-jan-09-a-115199/