Feb 2, 2010

UPDATE: giveaway winners, broken camera, & up coming videos (another giveaway)

Hey hey,
Ok, so contest winners have been chosen! I have to count through the comments to find the winners so give me a little time to sift through the almost 80,000 posts lol.
I’m going to try and post the winners tonight.

Maybe I can have my boyfriend help me double check I have the right person when counting lol.... yeah, he'll help me out.

Aside from the give away, my camera is broken.
(Insert sad face here)
It’s being fixed right now as I type this. I hope they fix it before soon so I can keep posting on YouTube. I need to post the winners, a Valentine’s Day look, sigma brush review and makeup, and another giveaway. :)

Ok, guys I hope to see you very soon!
Love you,


MeghanJanexo said...
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MeghanJanexo said...

Hey just wondering if you know the winners yet?

RicoLovesMAC said...

yes i did. the winners were emailed. im waiting for the owner of UNII to email me back so i can post the winners names on here